• About Quartzdyne

    About Quartzdyne

    Since 1990, Quartzdyne has designed and manufactured the industry-standard resonating quartz pressure transducer for the downhole oil and gas industry. Our sensors are world-renowned for providing extremely accurate, low drift, and high resolution data in the most extreme conditions. 

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  • Quartz Pressure Sensor

    Quartz Pressure Sensor

    Quartz pressure transducers are available in several different sizes and pressure, and temperature ranges. Contact us today to learn more about the True Quartz difference, and which unit is best for your application. 

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  • ASIC and NextGen Hybrid

    ASIC and NextGen Hybrid

    Quartzdyne has continued to innovate around making our high temperature electronics more reliable and smallerWe are pleased to announce our next-generation analog circuit. This circuit has a newQuartzdyne-designed ASIC, and continues the consolidation of active and passive components into silicon.

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  • Beacon™ Permanent Piezo Gauge

    Beacon™ Permanent Piezo Gauge

    Quartzdyne now offers rugged and reliable Permanent Piezo Gauges to the Oil and Gas industry.  Contact us today to learn more about this new offering which includes single drop and multi-drop capability to enable greater visiblity of downhole operations. 

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Quartzdyne News Broadcast

  • We track our field reliability by recording failure modes and year shipped for each returned transducer. Updated for 2019.

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