Shock & Vibration


Each Quartzdyne transducer design has been qualified by environmental testing, thermal shock, random vibration, sine sweep, low-level shock, and drop shock. Quartdyne's internal standards for these tests are detailed in this tech note. Each transducer is not individually tested, due to the risk of latent damage, however, each design is periodically tested to re-certify the design. In addition, new product development, early on in the design process, and certain product improvements enlist HALT (Highly accelerated life test) and an internal Quartzdyne drop shock test to expose problems.


Environmental Testing of Quartzdyne Transducers and Circuits


Oil and Gas Pressure Sensor Testing


The growing use of Quartzdyne transducers in logging-while-drilling has prompted laboratory vibration and shock testing at extreme levels to determine potential problem spots in the transducer design. These tests have led to significant changes in methods for fabricating and installing the transducers' temperature and reference crystals.