2014 Pressure Transducer Reliability


Quartzdyne utilizes two data sources to track product reliability: internal testing and customer returns/feedback. Internal tests are designed to test a specific element (crystal, circuit, bellows) over a range of operating conditions. This requires several customized tests, each optimized to probe the element in question for specific failure criteria. Customer returns provide valuable feedback, revealing which areas need the most improvement and where internal testing should be improved.

We maintain an extensive database containing measurements from all internal tests and customer returns. Continuous analysis of these data, and then focusing on the "weakest link" has led to significant improvements over the past twenty years. For Quartzdyne, continuous improvement lies in increasing the working life of each transducer.

Therefore, a thorough review of the field performance of Quartzdyne Pressure Transducers helps us chart our progress towards this goal. Publishing field reliability data, both the good and the bad, is rare in the oil and gas industry. We do it to establish customer confidence in our ongoing work of continuous improvement.

The following Tech Notes provide additional reliability information on Quartzdyne products: 

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