October 2011


  • Latest Reliability Recap

  • What is Accuracy to Quartzdyne?

  • Price Increase Announcement

  • Latest HiTEC Technical Papers

  • Quartzedyne at SPE

  • QCOM, The Next-Generation PC Interface

  • Quartzdyne Electronics

  • Tool Integration (Contract Manufacturing)


Reliability Recap

Our annual field reliability report (/pdfs/reliability.pdf ) is now available. In this report, we break down our field returns over the last 10 years. This report is unparalleled in the industry.  The tradition of airing our dirty laundry, as it were, has kept the pressure on us to continuously improve and has allowed us to focus our efforts on the right areas.  This year we have restructured the graphs for better readability. The data shows significant improvement in both circuit and crystal reliability over the last two years. Improvements in our crystal processes and the benefits of our ASIC hybrids are beginning to pay off with return rates now below 1% for these categories. Our biggest remaining opportunity is in the “Miscellaneous” category. This category includes bellows, connectors, wiring, labeling, and others. Expect progress in these areas over the coming year as we re-adjust our focus.


What Is Accuracy to Quartzdyne?

Quartz crystals provide the most accurate downhole pressure measurements possible. Accuracy—or how close the readings are to actual values—is the combined effect of several sources of error including

  • Repeatability: the degree of consistency when making the same measurement multiple times under the same conditions; also referred to as precision

  • Hysteresis: measurement variation based on increasing versus decreasing pressure

  • Corrected Linearity: the residual error between the calibration LMS curve fit and true pressure

At Quartzdyne, we combine all three sources of error into one accuracy number and specify it as a percentage of full-scale (% F.S.) Hence, a 5 kpsi transducer is accurate to within 1 psia, and a 25 kpsi transducer is accurate to within 5 psia—both based on an accuracy specification of 0.02% F.S.  In some applications, drift, or long-term stability is overlooked when reviewing accuracy requirements. A gauge that offers good accuracy may disappoint customers when the effects of long-term drift cancel short-term accuracy. Quartzdyne pressure transducers offer both accuracy and long-term stability to provide a dependable measurement entering—and exiting—the well.


Quartzdyne Announces Upcoming Price Increase

Effective Jan. 1, 2012 Quartzdyne will increase transducer prices an average of 6%. It has been 5 years since our last price increase and, during that time, we have experienced significant rises in material, labor, health care, and other costs. We have worked very hard to absorb these cost increases while improving product features and reliability at no extra charge. At the same time, Quartzdyne will be extending the warranty on all hybrid pressure transducers to 24 months.  This measured price increase will help offset some of these cost increases and ensure our continued product leadership and high service levels. We have waited for an upturn in our market and until year-end to minimize any disruption for you, our valued customer. Details will be provided by December 1, 2011.   We appreciate your support and continued loyalty


Latest HiTEC Technical Papers

Quartzdyne continues to attend HiTEC and has recently presented the following technical papers:


SPE / ATCE 2011 Denver

Quartzdyne will be exhibiting at SPE 2011 in Denver. Come visit us at our booth (#2337).


QCOM, The Next-Generation PC Interface

QCOM is the next-generation PC interface for Quartzdyne Pressure Transducers. It combines the functionality of the Series-I and Q-Link products, interfacing to either a Frequency or a Digital transducer.  The QCOM contains a USB port for better compatibility and easier plug-and-play with your computer.  Because the unit is USB-powered, no additional power supply adapters are required. QCOM is supplied with Windows™ compatible software drivers for interfacing with most programming languages. Example code and full-featured software are provided to get you up and running quickly.  

Because of parts obsolescence, the Series-I is no longer available, and the Q-Link will be phased out during 2012. If you have legacy software applications that were written for the Series-I or Q-Link, contact us to see how we can help you migrate them to QCOM. For more information please refer to the QCOM manual (/pdfs/QCOMManual.pdf) To download QCOM drivers, firmware, and software, including example code, visit http://qd.quartzdyne.com/QCOM/QCOM-Download.php


Quartzdyne Electronics (QE)

Quartzdyne Electronics is devoted to being the experts in downhole electronics manufacturing. We offer MCM prototyping and production services. Our experience includes communication, power supplies, and memory modules.  We are skilled in handling a variety of package materials and styles such as Titanium, Kovar, Composite, custom-joint developments, DIPs, and customer supplied. In addition, we have high circuit density and complexity layout and manufacturing experience.


Tool Integration Update (Contract Manufacturing)

Quartzdyne now offers contract manufacturing, or “tool integration” services. Quartzdyne’s ability to provide high-quality assembly, wiring, soldering, electron-beam welding, and testing of tools/gauges enables us to offer our customers a full, turn-key solution. Customer benefits from this include reduced lead times, logistical complexity, and cost. Quartzdyne can also source and stock your custom parts. This offers an increase in reliability and a reduction in risk, as Quartzdyne bears responsibility for the overall  assembly quality. Quartzdyne’s engineering and production staff are excited for this opportunity to assist our customers in improving their lead times and quality through offering this turn-key solution. Please contact Quartzdyne, to discuss how your company can benefit from Quartzdyne’s Tool Integration services. (sales@quartzdyne.com)