April 2017


Introducing Quartzdyne Memory Gauges
AWES Reliability Testing Update
Rock Solid transducer for today’s driller
Quartzdyne Releases New 1/2" Quartz Pressure Transducer
Extending the Calibration Interval based on Duty Cycle
Changes to Quartzdyne Leadership
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Introducing Quartzdyne Memory Gauges

Quartzdyne, the world’s provider of Quartz pressure transducers is taking the next step towards providing robust, reliable, industry standard products by offering a Quartz and Piezo memory gauge to the Oil and Gas industry. You will be able to expect the same great quality, reliability, and performance from the new line of memory gauges, as you have experienced from Quartzdyne transducers over the last 30 years. Quartzdyne is known for enabling enhanced recovery of hydrocarbons throughout the well lifecycle through technology leadership. This promise doesn’t change as we provide more value to customers.  Contact us now to learn more about this offering.

1.25" Quartz Memory Tool Specification
1.25" Piezo Memory Tool Specification 
0.75" Quart Memory Tool Specification


AWES Update 

Quartzdyne, an active participant of the Advanced Well Equipment Standards Group (AWES), is currently performing a powered Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT) on Quartzdyne transducers.  AWES document number 3362-01, and section 5.15.4 is being used as a guide for the execution of the test.  To date, we have seen fantastic results from the transducers, we have four units that have accumulated more than 16,200 hours at 225°C, which is incredible!  There is an additional batch of 22 units that have all achieved great than 7,416 hours.  To increase the speed to failure, and test the boundaries of the transducer design, ten units were placed in the oven at 250°C.  After 2100 hours all these units are still running and reporting temperature and reference output, two of the units have stopped reporting pressure.  The initial analysis points to the electrical interconnect as the weak point.  We are, however holding off on extensive analysis until the entire unit has stopped functioning.  

Based on the testing thus far, Quartzdyne can now say:

The Quartzdyne transducers have demonstrated 80% reliability with 60% confidence for 12 years of service at an operating temperature of 200°C


Rock Solid transducer for today’s Driller.  DHB103-30-177

Quartzdyne transducers have been used in the drill string by the world’s foremost drillers for over 20 years.  Quartzdyne transducers provide reliable, accurate and critical measurements for customers in some of the harshest environments known to man.  Over the years, Quartzdyne transducers have established the bar for downhole instrument reliability, performance and total cost of ownership.  In today’s market, the needs of the driller have changed.  Quartzdyne is answering the call, by offering a Low Precision 0.1% F.S Quartz transducer to the market.  The DHB103 transducer, which is available in a 30,000 psi and 177°C calibration, is a perfect fit for the challenges that drillers face, at a price that makes sense in today's  increasingly cost-sensitive environment.  The DHB103 is available in a ½” OD which allows it to fit in tighter spaces, enable deeper drilling depths, and smaller drill strings.

Download the DHB103 specification sheet, or a Quartz for Drillers brochure and contact us to learn more about how this transducer can enable your drilling operation.


Quartzdyne Releases New 1/2" Quartz Pressure Transducer

"With this announcement, operators and service companies will be able to receive the same quality measurements from more places in the well bore," said Glenn Small, President of Quartzdyne, Inc. "Our latest pressure transducer enables deeper drilling, monitoring of larger cross-sectional flows, passing of a wire or fiber by the sensor, or simply fitting into tighter applications."

Similar to larger Quartzdyne products, the smaller transducer is accurate to less than 0.02% full scale and drifts less than 0.02% full-scale per annum at maximum conditions of 30,000 psi / 200°C. It is available in frequency or digital I²C output. All wetted materials are rated for downhole corrosive service.

More information is available in this press release, or by downloading the 1/2" Quartz Transducer Specification Sheet


Extending the Calibration Interval based on Duty Cycle

In this white paper, Quartzdyne engineers propose a methodology to reduce the total cost of ownership by considering only downhole time when calculating the calibration interval. 

“Quartzdyne transducer drift is a cumulative process. During exposure to temperature and pressure, the transducer will experience some finite amount of drift which is not reversible. For example, suppose one was to use the transducer under full-scale conditions during two periods separated by a period without elevated pressure or temperature. The total drift demonstrated would be equivalent with or without the ambient period in between. This is true no matter how many times the transducer is cycled between and downhole conditions. The critical factor is the summation of time spent at full-scale conditions.”

Download the White Paper 


Changes to Leadership

Rob JuddRob Judd joined Quartzdyne in July 2016 and currently fills the role of VP of Sales. Rob is in his tenth year in the oil and gas business after spending 9 years with US Synthetic, the leader in PCD manufacturing for downhole drill bits. Rob’s experience is in operations, product development, sales, and engineering. Rob has a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.


Dillon DwyerDillon Dwyer was recently promoted to Director of Operations. Dillon has been with Quartzdyne for 21 years. During his 21-year career at Quartzdyne, he worked as a calibration lab operator, assembly worker, production supervisor, and manager. Beyond Dillon’s direct experience on the job, he has Bachelors in Operations Management and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Utah. While at Quartzdyne, Dillon has had several opportunities to work with other lean organizations and apply that knowledge to improving Quartzdyne’s continuous improvement culture.  


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