Since 1990 Quartzdyne has been the world leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing the industry-standard resonating quartz pressure transducer for the downhole oil and gas industry. Our sensors are world-renowned for providing extremely accurate, low-drift, and high-resolution data under the most extreme conditions.

For Completions

The long-term stability and reliability of Quartzdyne pressure transducers are ideal for intelligent completions and permanent downhole monitoring. Our quartz pressure transducer delivers precision data that enables production optimization and enhanced recovery. Quartzdyne is the defacto standard for downhole precision pressure measurement throughout the world.

For Drilling

Quartzdyne pressure transducers are used in many different ways related to oil and gas drillingMWD (measurements while drilling), PWD (pressure while drilling), DST (drill stem testing) and LWD (logging while drilling) applications will all benefit from the high precision of quartz.

For Production Logging

Beyond providing the industry-standard Quartz pressure sensor for product logging, Quartzdyne also offers quartz and piezo memory tools for the downhole oil and gas industry.