About Us

Dowhnole Memory Gauges - Sensors
Since 1990 Quartzdyne has been the world leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing the industry-standard resonating quartz pressure transducer for the downhole oil and gas industry. Our sensors are world-renowned for providing extremely accurate, low-drift, and high-resolution data under the most extreme conditions. Quartzdyne also provides contract gauge manufacturing for high-reliability or high-temperature applications. Our transducers and hybrid electronics are widely used in laboratory, surface, and downhole tools and monitoring systems across the industry.

We are ISO 9001 certified as a company, and our facility is certified as a green building.

A brief history:

2018 Dover Completes Spinoff to Apergy
2009 Relocated to our current location on Links Drive
1998 Acquired by Dover Corporation
1990 Quartzdyne Downhole Pressure Transducers
1983-1989 Quartz Pressure Sensor Manufacturing
Downhole Sensor, Laboratory Instrument
1979-1987 Quartz Sensor R&D
Acceleration, Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Force
Sundstrand, Ohaus, Paroscientific, Fisher Controls, Sperry Flight Systems
1965-1979 Quartz Device R&D
Dr. Errol EerNisse--Sandia/DOE
 95 Employees

About Apergy

Apergy is a leading provider of highly engineered equipment and technologies that help companies drill for and produce oil and gas safely and efficiently around the world. Apergy's products provide efficient functioning throughout the lifecycle of a well - from drilling to completion to production. The company’s Production and Automation offerings consist of artificial lift equipment and solutions, including rod pumping systems, electric submersible pump systems, progressive cavity pumps and drive systems and plunger lifts, as well as a full automation offering consisting of equipment, software and Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”) solutions for downhole monitoring, wellsite productivity enhancement and asset integrity management.  Apergy’s Drilling Technologies offering provides market leading polycrystalline diamond cutters and bearings that result in cost effective and efficient drilling. For further information about Apergy, visit http://www.Apergy.com.